How to Know If You Need A New Water Softener

person washing dishes water softener Gilbert, AZ

If you live in Gilbert, AZ, chances are you’re using hard water in your home. Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can cause problems for your plumbing system, appliances, fixtures, and personal hygiene. That’s why it’s important to know when you need a new water softener from Gold…

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A Finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

Gold Star Plumbing & Drain is a finalist for the esteemed Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards for Ethics! This year, our local company has been recognized as one of the 19 finalists for the 2023 edition, considered one of the highest honors for a business. The annual event celebrates businesses with high integrity. It…

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Ways to Avoid Water Leaks

leaking water pipe repair Gilbert, AZ.

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a chance that you will encounter water leak issues at some point. The good news is, it is possible to anticipate and prevent these problems from happening. Whether you need water leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, or are looking for ways to reduce the likelihood of water leaks, Gold Star…

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How to Get Proper Water Heater Sizing

tankless water heater

A perfectly-sized water heater makes housekeeping tasks and chores more efficient and helps you save on utility bills. At Gold Star Plumbing & Drain, we employ water heater installation experts who can evaluate and recommend a perfectly-sized water heater for your home. The following are crucial factors that can help determine the right water heater…

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Quick Overview of Various Water Purification Processes

Water softener filled with salt tablets Tempe, AZ

Your household depends on clean, safe water for consumption and everyday use. On the other hand, contaminated water has several adverse effects, such as health implications, especially waterborne diseases. Fortunately, Goldstar Plumbing & Drain offers water treatment services in Tempe, AZ. There are various water purification processes that can help you maintain the quality of…

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