Can Water Softeners Help Arizonans Save Money?

water softener system with piggy bank/ money jar next to it

Apart from Arizona’s arid climate that makes water a precious resource, many locals grapple with another hidden threat: hard water. Characterized by high mineral content, hard water not only creates visible problems like scale buildup, but also leads to a cascade of hidden costs that can put a strain on your household budget. As a…

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Why a Rheem Water Heater Is An Ideal Option for Tempe Homes

Rheem water heater repair Tempe, AZ

When it comes to selecting a water heater for your Tempe, Arizona home, you want a system that’s reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Rheem water heaters tick all these boxes, making them an excellent choice for homeowners in the area. Let’s explore the features that make Rheem stand out, and why Gold Star Plumbing & Drain…

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Understanding the Main Causes of Sewer Clogs in Mesa

Blocked drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree roots Mesa, AZ

Mesa, Arizona, with its vibrant community and desert landscape, is not immune to the common issues plaguing urban areas, such as sewer clogs. Understanding the main causes of these sewer clogs is crucial so homeowners and businesses alike will know when to call Gold Star Plumbing & Drain for professional drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ.…

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