How Water Leaks Are Costing You Money


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Those pesky drips and trickles around the house can appear insignificant, but don’t be fooled. Water leaks, even small ones, can wreak havoc on your wallet in several ways. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain, your trusted local expert in water leak repair in Chandler, AZ, explores how these seemingly minor issues can turn into major expenses.

Hidden Drain on Your Budget

Leaks can significantly increase your water bill. A dripping faucet, for instance, can waste gallons of water every day. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that leaky faucets, toilets, and other fixtures can add up to 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year in an average household. With water rates rising steadily, that’s a hefty chunk of change going down the drain. Early water leak detection and repair are your best defenses against these excessive costs.

Energy Bills on the Rise

If the leak lies in your hot water system, you may also see an increase in your energy bills. Your water heater has to work harder to keep the temperature up if your hot water is constantly escaping through a leak. This means you’ll be using more energy than necessary, resulting in higher bills at the end of the month. Invest in professional water leak services to not only keep your energy costs under control but also to extend the lifespan of your water heater.

Structural Damage and Repair Costs

Aside from the immediate financial impact on your monthly bills, water leaks can also lead to expensive repairs down the line. Water seeping into your walls, ceilings, or floors can weaken the structural integrity of your home. This can eventually lead to mold growth, rotting wood, and even damage to electrical wiring. Prompt water line replacement or repair is crucial, as these issues can pose serious health and safety hazards to you and your family.

Water leaks are a major contributor to wasted resources. The City of Chandler, AZ, with its desert setting, takes water conservation seriously and exerts great effort to make sure its citizens do not take their water supply for granted. Visit the city’s official website to learn how you can get free literature on water conservation, including tips on detecting and fixing various leaks in and around your home.

Our Gold Star Plumbing & Drain team has years of experience in water leak detection and water line repair, helping homeowners in Chandler, AZ address water leak issues before they escalate into costly problems. Contact our team today to request a service visit.



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