The Water Purification Process

water purifier in Gilbert, AZ

When obtaining clean, safe, and healthy water for your household, understanding the purification process is crucial. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain specializes in providing industry-leading water treatment services in Gilbert, AZ. We’ll walk you through the key stages of water filtration to ensure optimal water quality for your home. Ion Exchange and Coagulation This is…

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Ways Water Leaks Waste Money

15 inch diameter leaking water pipe Tempe, AZ

Water leaks can be deceptively small, but they can lead to significant damage over time. Ignoring or delaying the repair of leaks can cost you more than just the water bill. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain is your reliable company for professional water leak repair in Tempe, AZ. In our experience, water leaks don’t just…

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How Clogs Can Damage Drains

corroded pipe Mesa, AZ

When debris builds up, it restricts the water flow and puts unnecessary strain on the pipes. The force of water trying to push through these blockages can cause pipes to crack or even burst. This is why It’s essential to avoid the buildup of debris from clogging your drains in the first place. Luckily, Gold…

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Top 3 Signs of Anode Rod Failure

water heater deteriorating anode rod Chandler, AZ

Anode rods are a critical component in water heaters, helping to prevent corrosion and extend the tank’s lifespan. Over time, anode rods can deteriorate due to their sacrificial nature, meaning they are designed to corrode instead of the tank. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain offers professional water heater repair in Chandler, AZ, so we often…

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