How Clogs Can Damage Drains


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When debris builds up, it restricts the water flow and puts unnecessary strain on the pipes. The force of water trying to push through these blockages can cause pipes to crack or even burst. This is why It’s essential to avoid the buildup of debris from clogging your drains in the first place. Luckily, Gold Star Plumbing & Drain offers thorough and efficient drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ to prevent any further damage to the pipes.

Restricted Wastewater Flow

Clogs can put unnecessary pressure on your pipes. When debris accumulates and forms a blockage, it restricts water flow through the pipes. This increased pressure can lead to leaks or even burst pipes that will necessitate drain replacement if not addressed promptly


Clogs can cause the drain pipes to corrode prematurely. The buildup of organic materials and other substances within the drain creates an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Over time, this bacterial growth can eat away at the pipe walls and weaken their structural integrity, prompting extensive drain repair.

Sewer Line Issues

Clogs increase the likelihood of sewer line issues. A severe obstruction within your plumbing system’s main line can affect the sewer line connection point outside your property’s perimeter walls could result in costly repairs or require sewer repair.

Other than damage to your drain pipes, clogs can result in foul odors emanating from your drains. This is because as debris sits stagnant in the pipes due to blockages, it decomposes and produces unpleasant smells that permeate your property that only a thorough drain cleaning and even a sewer replacement could fix.

Preventive maintenance and prompt drain services are key to keeping your drain pipes clog-free and fully functional. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain offers efficient solutions to drain-related problems. Don’t think twice about reaching out to our team.

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