Quick Overview of Various Water Purification Processes


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Your household depends on clean, safe water for consumption and everyday use. On the other hand, contaminated water has several adverse effects, such as health implications, especially waterborne diseases. Fortunately, Goldstar Plumbing & Drain offers water treatment services in Tempe, AZ.

There are various water purification processes that can help you maintain the quality of your water. Each type of water purification method has its own advantages and is effective for the specific water treatment results that you’re looking for.


A filter-equipped water purification system is pretty effective in removing pollutants. These filters can eliminate silt, chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities to ensure clean and refreshing drinking water. Thus, a reliable water purification system can enhance your water quality.

Water Softening

If there’s hard water where you live, then you might benefit the most from a water softener system. Water hardness levels are measured by how much calcium and magnesium there is. If there are excess amounts present in the water, these minerals can build up some scale that can affect the efficiency and lifespan of pipes, appliances, and fixtures.

Reverse Osmosis

An efficient water purification method using a semipermeable membrane to filter pollutants. It eliminates numerous contaminants, such as dissolved salts, and chemical substances. Installing a high-quality reverse osmosis system gives you continuous access to clean water.

Clean water is essential for any home, not just for comfort and ease of convenience, but also for your health and safety. If you want to know which water purification system or process would be the most beneficial for your needs, Gold Star Plumbing & Drain has got you covered.

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