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A garbage disposal is a handy device that makes doing the dishes a breeze. We offer professional garbage disposal installation in Gilbert and the neighboring communities. It’s important to use the disposal sparingly, as they are not intended to gobble up major pieces of food or other items. Poor use could result in clogged drains or the need for garbage disposal repair, which we also provide when needed.

Gold Star Plumber Gilbert AZ provides Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Gilbert

Signs A Garbage Disposal Requires Repair

Malfunctioning contraptions often send out specific telltale indicators suggesting one will quickly need to search for companies performing garbage disposal repair near me including:

Large Or Unusual Sink Clogs

Garbage disposals are designed to prevent drains from clogging. Ergo, when the sink drain continues to become stopped up, the culprit may be a faulty device.

The Presence Of Offensive Odors

Everyone knows that garbage, especially old or wet food byproducts, does not typically produce a pleasing aroma. Therefore, foul odors emanating from the sink area might suggest a deteriorating garbage disposal.

Diminished Performance

Like any other contraption, a tiring garbage disposal is less likely to perform at full capacity. In such instances, the homeowner in question might notice that the device does a poor job processing food particles or takes an exorbitant amount of time to complete said function.

Power Issues

Occasionally, garbage disposal malfunctions are attributable to failing or broken motors. Such occurrences often produce power issues where the unit either fails to work when switched on or shuts off during operation.

Leaking Water

As the disposal ages, the structure might grow more susceptible to leaks. Pools of water under the sink or on surrounding floors may result from garbage disposal leaks.

Routine Jamming

Properly-functioning disposals should not jam easily. However, should this problem occur, any number of the device’s components could be to blame.

Bizarre Sounds

Loud, clanking, screeching, or banging noises should be cause for alarm. Any of the preceding sounds might indicate that a piece of cutlery slipped down the sink and entered the disposal or a more serious issue like a faulty or misaligned part.

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Those experiencing garbage disposal issues are urged to consult with us. The skilled technicians our company employs possess a wealth of experience addressing numerous garbage disposal problems. Moreover, if the system is too old or damaged to be replaced, we are also well-versed in garbage disposal installation. 

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