Top 3 Disadvantages of DIY Drain Cleaning


person pouring chemical cleaners down the drain

A clogged drain is an inconvenience that can quickly become a plumbing emergency if left untreated. In severe cases, it may lead to the need for a complete drain replacement. This is why it is paramount to address the problem as soon as possible. Despite the urgency of the situation, however, DIY drain cleaning is not always the most effective or safest solution.

The expert team at Gold Star Plumbing & Drain discusses three main drawbacks of DIY drain cleaning in Gilbert, AZ to help you understand why it’s best to always leave the job to a qualified professional.

1. Risk of Injury

DIY drain cleaning can be dangerous, as it often involves working with caustic chemicals or tools that require special safety precautions. Even if the chemicals are relatively non-toxic, their fumes can cause eye and respiratory irritation. Additionally, incorrect use of tools such as a snake or auger can cause severe hand and arm injuries.

2. Damage to Pipes

Certain chemicals used in DIY drain cleaning may corrode the inside of pipes over time. This can lead to more frequent clogs and a higher risk of leaks. Augers can also cause inadvertent damage to the pipes if not used correctly, resulting in the need for costly drain repair services.

3. Ineffectiveness

DIY drain cleaning methods are often ineffective in addressing more serious clogs, such as those caused by tree roots or foreign objects. This means you will eventually have to hire a professional plumber anyway, which could be more expensive than if you had done so in the first place. Even more frustrating is that the problem can worsen the longer it remains unresolved. This can spiral into extensive repairs or even the need for sewer replacement.

Instead of subjecting yourself to the potential risks and pitfalls of DIY drain cleaning, get in touch with Gold Star Plumbing and Drain for reliable drain services. From simple drain cleaning to major sewer repair, our certified team of professionals can deliver the best results.

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