The 3 Most Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes


soldering water heater

In case you are amongst the people who like to DIY home projects such as your water heater installation, keep in mind that there are risks involved. Needless to say, homeowners are prone to making mistakes when installing their water heaters, which can be costly, not to mention dangerous.

We highly recommend that you work with professionals whenever you need water heater-related services such as water heater repair in Gilbert, AZ. If you’re attempting to install your water heater on your own, here’s what could happen.

1. Incorrectly Setting up the Pressure Relief Valve

Setting up the pressure relief valve is crucial for your water heater unit to perform optimally. The pressure relief valve prevents the buildup of dangerous pressure levels inside the water heater. It works by opening in case of high temperatures, continuous heat, extreme pressures, and unsafe conditions inside the water heater. Incorrect calibrations can result in explosions, so make sure to get a water heater replacement professional for the job.

2. Poor Material Connection and Selection

Poor material connection and selection are common mistakes some homeowners make during tankless water heater replacement and installation. Water heaters come in a variety of materials, like copper, iron pipes, and steel pipes. It is crucial that you choose a suitable material to connect the water heater. You use different tools to fasten the water heater’s pipes, fittings, and brackets. You should also make sure that they are completely secure and fit properly.

3. Irregular Soldering of Pipes

Soldering pipes is an essential part of a water heater fitting. It ensures that the pipes are securely connected and do not leak or break. The soldering process involves using special equipment and components to solder the pipes securely. Not every water heater requires soldering, but you may require tankless water heater repair if done wrong.

The water heater replacement and installation is an essential and sensitive procedure. Mistakes that you make while installing the unit may lead to severe consequences. Call Gold Star Plumbing & Drain and let us do the work for you.



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