Top Signs of a Residential Water Leak


There are many reasons a water leak may occur in your home. A few of the most common causes include aged and deteriorated water pipes, excessive water pressure, low quality materials or poor craftsmanship during installation. Whatever issue resulted in your home suffering a water leak, it’s imperative that you act fast to have it repaired. If you notice any of these signs of a water leak, contact a reputable plumber as soon as possible.

Damp Flooring

Many water pipes run underneath flooring, so a leak will result in damp carpeting, soft tiles or warped hardwood. To prevent the damage from spreading, reach out to a local plumber immediately.

Water Stains or Dark Spots on Ceiling or Walls

If you notice water stains or dark spots on your walls or on the ceiling, a water leak is likely to blame as this is a common sign of a burst pipe. A professional plumber may use a camera system to detect the exact leak location to prevent unnecessary deconstruction during repairs.

Mold Growth Along Baseboards

Mold needs dampness to thrive, which is the type of environment a water leak will provide. Mold can cause a number of health issues, so the cause of its growth needs to be addressed immediately.

Sound of Running Water

Can you hear water running, yet no faucets or water using appliances are on? This is a telltale sign of a water leak. You can double check your water leak hypothesis by reading your water meter. If it registers any use when you’re using no water then it is time to call in the pros.

Swampy Yard

A swampy yard or cracking driveway is often a sign that a water or sewer pipe has burst below. Contact a technologically advanced plumber to complete diagnostics using state of the art cameras. This will prevent the need to tear up the entire yard looking for the leak.

Spike in Water Bill

One of the most shocking signs of a water leak is an unexpectedly high water bill. If your bill skyrockets for an unknown reason, reach out to a plumber right away. This is a costly sign of unintended water use.
Swift action is necessary when a water leak is suspected to ensure that the problem is contained and repaired before additional damage can be done. If you believe that you need water leak repair in Gilbert, Phoenix or the surrounding communities, be sure to contact Gold Star Plumbing & Drain. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide fast and reliable water leak repair. We aim to save you time and money by using the latest plumbing technology and techniques for any repairs, installations and maintenance. It’s all part of our gold standard of service! To learn more, or to request a quote from a trusted plumber in Gilbert, give us a call at (480) 573-1888 today!



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