Tips on Preparing for A Drain Replacement


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A drain replacement project is no small undertaking, which is why enlisting the help of a trained professional is paramount. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain not only specializes in drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ, but we also provide drain replacement services. Here are a few tips we can offer to help you prepare for a drain replacement.

1. Get An Inspection

The problem should be accurately evaluated before attempting any drain replacement. Identify the location of the issue and its severity. If the problem requires more than a simple fix, we can go ahead and schedule a drain replacement service.

2. Consider Budget

Since any repair involving your sewer system can be a significant expense, create a budget for the project. Remember to include any potential landscaping or property restoration expenses. Our drain repair and replacement experts can go over your options with you.

Consider taking out a personal or home mortgage loan. These will often be much cheaper than charging the repair to a credit card. Some municipalities will even offer assistance for drain and sewer replacement, so make sure to seek out information for such programs.

3. Clear the Work Area

Remove any obstacles or debris from the area where the repair or replacement will take place. This includes plants, shrubs, or any outdoor furniture that might hinder the sewer repair or replacement procedures. If the work involves excavation near your home’s foundation, consider moving valuable items away from the area. You should also notify your neighbors about the upcoming project, so they can consider any possible impacts upon their routine.

4. Notify Your Utility Providers

Before the drain replacement work begins, contact your local utility companies to mark the location of underground utilities such as gas, water, and electrical lines.

Sewer and drain projects are not something you can carry out on your own. Contact Gold Star Plumbing & Drain for a hassle-free drain replacement.



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