The 5 Ways You Are Unintentionally Damaging Your Plumbing System


flushing toilet paper

Every now and then, you always find an issue in your home that requires the attention of a plumber in Mesa, AZ. Whether a clog, leak, or burst pipe, these problems are common to all. You will eventually need professional services to address them.

However, if they happen repeatedly, you might need professional advice from a plumber at Gold Star Plumbing & Drain. Below are some things you might do that harm your drainage without your knowledge.

1. Frequent Use of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Before you run to purchase a drain cleaner, you need to reconsider its effects. Whereas they seem like an excellent option for DIY drain cleaning, these cleaners can severely damage your pipes. From our analysis, these liquids usually contain harsh chemicals that corrode your pipes, thus shortening their life span. The best alternative is our drain cleaning services for safe residential plumbing solutions.

2. Flushing Giant Wands of Tissue Paper

Even though tissue paper usually poses no harm to your plumbing, flushing it in large quantities can cause a nasty clog. This is because a large wand of toilet paper does not disintegrate in water easily, thus obstructing the path for waste drainage. This situation may lead to the bowl overflowing, thus requiring the help of an emergency plumber.

3. Setting a High Water Pressure

As professionals in plumbing repair, we have found that many instances of pipe damage in Mesa come from high water pressure. The pressure exerts too much force on the pipes and can lead to cracks and bursts. You should call our expert plumbers to regulate the pressure to minimize instances of pipe damage.

4. Performing DIY Repairs

Even with the tight schedules and economy, you should avoid DIY repairs on your plumbing. These activities risk damaging your plumbing system and only offer a temporary solution. When you encounter an issue with your plumbing, search for a plumber near me and find professional assistance.

5. Lack of Maintenance

At Gold Star Plumbing & Drain, we do not advocate waiting for plumbing problems to arise before scheduling an appointment with our experts. You should maintain a routine plumbing inspection and maintenance schedule to address minor issues before they advance. This way, you will spend less on repairs and will not get emergency breakdowns.

It is essential to care for your residential and commercial plumbing and give it the correct service. By adjusting the above things, you can enjoy a lifetime of service from your plumbing system. You will also minimize the need for repairs and replacements in the near future.

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