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The main role of any water heater is to deliver heated water throughout your home in a timely and efficient way. It's an important process that gives you access to the hot water you need for many daily and routine tasks. This list typically includes everything from cleaning dishes and doing laundry to bathing, showering, and cooking.

Unfortunately, water heaters are often taken for granted – at least until there's an unexpected need for a plumber in Mesa, AZ. Nevertheless, rest assured Gold Star Plumbing & Drain is the right company to turn to for your water heater service needs in the local area we serve.

Common Issues Requiring Repair

Many issues affecting your preferred source of hot water can be reason enough to call us about water heater repair in Mesa, AZ. The ones that tend to be fairly common include:

  • Tank wear or corrosion
  • Ignition or pilot light issues
  • Pressure relief valve damage or leaks
  • Mechanical or electrical issues with parts that need adjustment or replacement

When Is Replacement the Best Option?

A full-on water heater replacement is typically the better option if your water heater is older and needs increasingly frequent repairs. You may also benefit from replacing your current water heater if it's no longer meeting your hot water needs or operating efficiently.

When it comes to water heater installation or replacement, we offer selections from only the top names in the industry. These include quality units from Bradford White, Rheem, Navien, and Noritz.

Consider Going Tankless

On-demand or tankless water heaters are increasingly common and popular because of the potential for significant long-term savings. These systems only deliver hot water when it's needed, which cuts down on water usage and waste. In addition, a top-quality tankless water heater replacement unit can last for 20 years or more with regular maintenance and care.

Signs of Issues

Avoid the need for premature conventional or tankless water heater repair and replacement by being aware of some of the signs suggesting it's time to give us a call. Running out of hot water too soon on a regular basis is one of the more obvious ones, as is a sudden lack of hot water. Other signs of water heater issues include:

  • Water temperature problems
  • Rusty or discolored water
  • Crackling, popping, and other odd sounds
  • Visible leaks around the tank or parts carrying water

Why Rely on Our Team

As a family-owned and -run company, Gold Star Plumbing & Drain takes pride in treating clients right from the moment they contact us. We do this with rates that are fair and competitive while giving our full attention to pinpoint the precise problem and doing the necessary work. We're also proud to be immersed in and involved thoroughly with the communities we serve in the Mesa area.

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As conventional or tankless water heater problems often require immediate attention, Gold Star Plumbing & Drain is available 24/7 when urgent service is necessary. What's more, we'll give you a pressure-free, expert opinion regardless of the issue or concern. Contact our experienced team today for timely, budget-friendly water heater services.



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