How Professionals Detect Water Leaks


puddle of water on kitchen floor leak repair in Chandler, AZ

At Gold Star Plumbing and Drain, we understand that whether it’s a small drip or a burst pipe, water leaks can cause substantial damage to a building and lead to expensive repairs. That’s why we take water leak repair in Chandler, AZ seriously and utilize various methods to locate leaks as quickly and accurately as possible.

Read on as we discuss our techniques for detecting water leaks and when to call us for water leak services.

Visual Inspection

During a visual inspection, we look for wet spots on walls, ceilings, and floors and any signs of water damage. We also inspect pipes, faucets, and valves for signs of corrosion, bulging, and other damage.

Thermal Imaging

Water leak detection via thermal imaging uses a specialized camera that captures infrared radiation emitted from objects. Since water is a great conductor of heat, we can use thermal imaging to detect where the water source is. We look for differences in temperature between wet and dry areas, which will allow us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Acoustic Leak Detection

The acoustic water leak detection method involves sending sound waves through the pipes and listening for areas with a higher sound frequency, indicating a leak that might require a water line replacement depending on the severity.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is when we first shut off the main water supply, then attach a pressure gauge to the plumbing system. We then slowly increase the pressure within the system and monitor the gauge until it reaches its maximum. If the pressure remains steady, this usually indicates no leaks. However, if the pressure begins to drop, this is typically a sign of a leak somewhere in the system.

Prompt water line repair is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of a water system, as outdated or damaged lines can lead to leaks and other problems.

Gold Star Plumbing and Drain has the expertise and tools to locate and repair water leaks quickly and efficiently, minimizing the damage to your property. Contact us right away if you suspect a water leak.



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