Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Drain & Sewer Lines


Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Drain & Sewer Lines
One of the most common calls that we receive at Goldstar Plumbing is for the clearing of a clogged drain. In some rare cases, homeowners know just what went down their drains to cause their clogs. However, in most cases, they don’t realize their bad habits are actually causing clogs and damage to their drains and sewer lines.

From the top provider of quality drain cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, here are the habits you need to drop.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you look up DIY drain cleaning, you’ll likely read recommendations of using an over-the-counter drain cleaner. It’s important to realize that these drain cleaners can contain powerful chemicals that can eat away at your piping. Opt for using a drain snake instead. Not only will it have the same outcome, but you’ll have it for future use as well.

Overreaching With Your Garbage Disposal

A common reason for calls to a drain cleaning company is overreaching with your garbage disposal. While this system is intended to help break down the solid food pieces that make it down your drain, it can’t shred everything. It’s crucial to be mindful of what you put into your garbage disposal. Avoid rice, pasta, and grease as they can lead to clogging.

Not Fixing Leaks Early

Whenever you first notice a problem with the plumbing, make sure to call for a professional right away instead of attempting a DIY drain repair procedure. It’s never a good idea to let leaks go as they can cause more issues the longer they’re let go. It doesn’t matter how small the initial leak is. Get it fixed quickly to prevent further issues.

Using Your Toilet Like a Trash Bin

Sewer repair in Gilbert, AZ, can be costly. But not having it immediately can be even more so. One simple reason that causes sewer line issues is using the toilet as a trash bin. Flushing items that should not be flushed, including cat litter, feminine hygiene products, and cleansing wipes can put added strain on your plumbing and result in major damage.

Letting Hair Go Down the Drain

Hair is one of those things that can wreak havoc on your plumbing over time. Not only can hair clump together, but it can cause other materials, like soap scum, to cling to the clump and clog up your system. To avoid drain replacement, you should invest in a trap that stops hair from reaching your pipes.

If you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, it’s time to commit to changing them now. If it’s already too late, be sure to contact Goldstar Plumbing for all of your sewer replacement needs.

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