Does my garbage disposal need to be repaired?


If you regularly use your garbage disposal, standard wear and tear will likely cause it to break down at some point. At the first indication of a problem, you’ll want to have a reputable plumber come over to conduct an inspection. This will help to ensure that the issue doesn’t worsen to the extent that you end up spending a bunch of money on repairs that could’ve been prevented. Here’s a look at four signs of a failing garbage disposal.


To avoid water damage, any leaking should be thoroughly addressed as soon as it’s noticed. Garbage disposals commonly leak at two particular locations. One is at the discharge drainpipe connection. The other is at the dishwasher to disposal connection.

Humming Sound

If you flip the garbage disposal switch and it doesn’t activate, but it does start making a humming sound, then the problem is probably a jammed flywheel. While this won’t necessarily require a major repair job, it is an issue that is best dealt with by a plumber who can provide a permanent fix.

Doesn’t Make Any Noise

If you try to turn on the garbage disposal and you don’t even get that aforementioned humming noise, then your electrical supply could be the problem. To remedy this, there are a few things you can try. Though it might seem obvious, you should first check to see if your disposal has become unexpectedly unplugged, which is a fairly common issue. You can also try hitting the reset button. If you still can’t get it to come to life, then it could be worthwhile to check your breaker.

Slow Draining/No Draining

In all likelihood, this indicates a clog. It’s possible that you and a pair of pliers will be able to remedy the problem. However, for more serious clogs, it’ll likely be best to have a reputable plumber do the work.

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Posted: April 30, 2020



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