Why Should Aging Water Heaters Be Replaced?


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Water heaters are essential in any household, as it is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and other household activities that might require hot water. Since they are used constantly, water heaters can become inefficient and less reliable over time, leading to various issues. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain specializes in reliable water heater replacement services. Here are reasons why aging water heaters should be replaced.

For Safety Reasons

Even water heaters that are built to last eventually become a liability and a threat to the safety of the people at home. This is because water heater components deteriorate, electrical wires become frayed, and bolts and screws corrode to the point where water heater repair in Mesa, AZ will not suffice and more drastic measures need to be taken.

Tank-based water heaters should be replaced when they’re past the 15-year mark. Start considering a tankless water heater replacement when you’ve had your tankless unit for more than 20 years. Otherwise, your outdated water heater could end up catching fire or worse, exploding.

Decreased Reliability

Older water heaters may become less reliable, leading to inconsistent hot water temperatures and frequent breakdowns. This can be inconvenient and frustrating, particularly if you rely on hot water for daily tasks. A new water heater installation or upgrade can provide more consistent and reliable hot water, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and other issues.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Older water heaters are often less energy-efficient than newer models, which can lead to higher energy bills. As water heaters age, their efficiency tends to decline, and they may require more energy to heat water to the desired temperature. If you’ve been needing a tankless water heater repair more frequently, then you’re better off replacing the unit altogether. This way, less energy is consumed and you get to save money on utility bills.

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