When Should You Replace Your Plumbing?


Damaged pipes

When recurring plumbing issues become too much of a hassle to repair, it may be time to consider a full replacement project. Let Gold Star Plumbing & Drain, the most trusted name for drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ, provide the top reasons to go ahead and replace a problematic plumbing system.

How Long Does a Residential Plumbing System Last?

The pipes used in your plumbing system have an expiry date. But you can extend their lifespan through regular maintenance and drain repair services when needed. It is important to contact a professional plumber the moment you start seeing any signs of a damaged drainage system.

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Plumbing System?

The best way to know when to replace your home’s plumbing system is to understand the type of materials used and observe tell-tale signs of damage. Taking preventative action can save you money resulting from costly repairs, but if damage and deterioration are already advanced, you may save more money by having a sewer replacement instead of constantly fixing it.

Signs of a problematic Plumbing System

While it can be challenging to determine if a plumbing system is beyond the salvaging prowess of a sewer repair specialist, there are tell-tale signs you can watch out for. Be sure to reach out to a reputable plumber if you notice these.

  • Discolored water

Water with a brownish tint or unusual color is a sign that your plumbing pipes are corroded. It’s a clear indication that you need to have your system checked.

  • Leaking pipes or fixtures

You should look out for leaks such as a broken fixture in a dump space around appliances or behind walls. Monitor your water bill and see if they have been rising unexpectedly.

  • Slow drainage

If your drain refuses to unclog despite using several efforts, then it’s a clear sign you need to replace your pipes.

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