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Regardless of where it's located, a leaking water line or pipe is definitely a reason to get in touch with a plumber in Mesa, AZ, from Gold Star Plumbing & Drain. As water leaks often require urgent assistance, we're available 24-hours a day, seven days a week when leak repair is needed ASAP. We will be there to minimize damage and restore full access to the water you rely on daily.

The Adverse Effects of Leaks

Even smaller water leaks can contribute to issues with mold and mildew or damage plaster or floors. Bigger leaks, however, can leave you with costly and widespread property damage that may extend to your foundation. Minimize the potential adverse effects of leaks by calling us as soon as you realize there's an immediate need for water line repair or detection.

Be Wary of the Causes and Symptoms

General wear and tear from years of use is a common cause of water leaks and similar water line problems. Should this be what's causing a leak, you may notice suddenly lower water pressure or increasingly higher water bills. If a leak occurs under a concrete slab, it's typically caused by corrosion, ground shifting, or friction from the slab if it sinks. Symptoms you may notice in this case include a drop in water pressure, wet floors, and foundation cracks. Water leaks can also occur within wall pipes that connect to your faucets, sinks, and toilets. Peeling plaster, mold spots, and sounds of running water are among the typical symptoms you may notice with leaks of this nature. Any of these issues call for prompt water leak repair in Mesa, AZ.

Common Water Line Issues We Address

Our personalized approach to water line replacement and repair allows our experts to address a wide range of issues affecting water lines effectively. The more common problems that could affect water pipes include:

  • Water line leaks under sinks, in basements, in walls, or under concrete slabs
  • Tree root damage that contributes to leaks and other structural problems in underground water lines
  • Damage related to water pressure fluctuations or surges
  • Corrosion affecting joints and water line connections that need repaired or replaced

Ways We Tackle Water Leak Problems

Water leak detection is part of the process of resolving water leak issues, especially if the source of the leak is unknown. This is often the case with leaks under a concrete slab or in pipes behind walls. Once the location of the leak has been identified with specialized equipment and other reliable methods, we'll determine the least disruptive and most effective way to make repairs. If the damage is severe, the affected pipe may be replaced entirely.

Trust Our Experts

Headed by a husband and wife team, Gold Star Plumbing & Drain is a family-owned and -run company that puts customers first in every way that matters. We'll arrive promptly in one of our familiar, fully stocked, and easy-to-spot black and gold trucks. Our technicians will also be respectful of your property while working and only do the work once all your questions have been answered.

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For prompt, affordable, top-quality water leak services, look no further than Gold Star Plumbing & Drain. Expect five-star service from us from the moment you first contact us about a known or suspected water leak until the problem is resolved to your satisfaction. Contact a plumber from the Gold Star team today.



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