Red Flags: Know When It’s Time To Choose a New Plumber


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It’s always a good idea to have the number of a plumber in Gilbert, AZ handy. You never know when you’re going to need one – and trust us, when it comes time for plumbing repairs, you’ll be glad you have a go-to plumber! But what do you do if your plumber is no longer meeting your needs? How can you tell it’s time to move on and find someone new? Check out our list of red flags in this Gold Star Plumbing & Drain blog post below!

  • If your plumber is always late, it might be time to find someone new. No one wants to be left waiting around for hours, especially when there’s a plumbing emergency.
  • If your plumber doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing or is constantly making mistakes, it might be time to look for someone with more knowledge and experience with your plumbing issue.
  • If your plumber is rude or doesn’t communicate well, find a new plumber in Gilbert, AZ. You should feel comfortable and confident with the person you’re working with.
  • If your plumber is overcharging you or not being upfront about pricing, it might be time to choose someone honest and reasonably priced.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – if you’re not happy with your plumber in Gilbert, AZ, give Gold Star Plumbing & Drain a call. We’re prompt, experienced, reasonably priced, and committed to customer satisfaction. Call our expert plumbers today!



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