How the Reverse Osmosis System Works


How the Reverse Osmosis System Works

Reverse osmosis refers to a water purification process that uses a porous system to separate unwanted particles, ions, and impurities from water by applying pressure to a highly concentrated solution. During this process, the solvent passes through the membrane while the solute remains on the membrane. Water treatment using the reverse osmosis system goes through a few stages just to make sure the product is safe to drink and use at home.

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Pre-Filtration of Residue

The water filtration system removes unwanted particles such as dirt, stones, and hair from the water. The slightly clean water passes through the sieves for the next process.

Carbon Pre-Filter

This stage is vital in the water purification system. At this point, carbon is used to absorb any odor, chemicals, or taste that is present in the water.

Semi-Permeable Layer

The semi-permeable layer is unique to this process and sets it apart from other purification processes. This layer absorbs the remaining dirt and particles in the water. A water softener is used to protect the layer and make it durable.


By now the water is already purified. Water is then reserved in clean storage tanks for later use.

Final Filtration

This is the last stage; it removes any dirt or particles that made it through the first stage and the semi-permeable layer.

Different households prefer the reverse osmosis system over other processes because it has a number of advantages:

  • It is Environmentally Friendly – Compared to other water purification processes, reverse osmosis produces less plastic waste.
  • Pocket-Friendly – This method of water purification is relatively cheap compared to the rest because it requires little maintenance fee.
  • It is Safer – Compared to other processes, this is the only system that not only gets rid of odor and chemicals in the water but also improves on the taste.

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