3 Most Common Water Line Issues and What Causes Them


broken water line

Water lines are essential for life at home and in business operations. Since we use them every day, issues can appear from their daily use. This can cause leaks, pipe damage, and corrosion issues. Don’t let these issues progress as they lead to expensive complications and damage your property. Water leak repair in Mesa, AZ is your lifeline for the best resolution.

Pipe Damage

Your water pipe becomes damaged from many external issues. It depends on where they are. Water line breaks and damages from any movement or impact in its installation area. Weather conditions can damage pipes from the force.

Other issues are internal. High water pressure and pipe deterioration can happen especially for certain metal pipes.

When water pipes start to leak, they can develop into flooding, water damage, and high water bills. It’s best to get early water line repair to avoid bad complications.

Signs of water line breaks include noises when running water in your plumbing, dirty or cloudy water, low water pressure, and leaks. You can also encounter water damage in unchecked areas.


After pipe damage, leaks happen. It can cause serious issues and high water bills. Some parts of water plumbing may also leak, such as joints and connections.

These leaks need experienced water leak detection and repair. Experts look for these signs to check the pipe status: water damage, mold, odors, and pools of water near pipes. You will also experience high water bills and lower water pressure.

Rust and Corrosion

Corrosion is common in certain metal pipes. Chemicals, substances in the water, and limitations in your pipe material can cause rust and deterioration issues.

Some metal pipes such as copper or stainless steel may be more durable, but years of use will still cause issues. Old cast iron pipes are the most prone to corrosion and deterioration. They are due for a water line replacement.

Corroded pipes have serious health risks. You don’t want rust-colored water with bad quality at home, right? Get plumbing services right away. Our 25 years in the industry and extensive expertise are what you need for proper water leak services. Call Gold Star Plumbing and Drain to detect and fix these issues.



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