3 Main Sources of Water Supply in Gilbert


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Strategic water management is crucial to sustain the community and meet the needs of the populace. In the vibrant town of Gilbert, Arizona, this necessity is met through three primary sources, ensuring a steady supply to support the town’s diverse needs. Gold Star Plumbing & Drain, the trusted contractor for water leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, talks about these water supply sources.

1. Groundwater

Nestled within the Sonoran Desert, Gilbert relies significantly on groundwater as a primary source of water. Beneath the earth’s surface lies vast aquifers containing groundwater, which is naturally replenished through rainfall and surface water percolation. Prompt water line replacement is key to keeping optimal levels of this precious resource. Gilbert taps into these underground reservoirs through wells, extracting water for agriculture, industrial, and commercial applications.

However, as with many arid regions, groundwater sustainability is a critical concern. Gilbert recognizes the importance of responsible management practices to ensure the long-term availability of this vital resource. Through initiatives such as aquifer recharge and conservation efforts, the town strives to maintain a delicate balance between water usage and preservation of aquifer levels. Our company does our part by offering water leak services which residents can avail.

2. Surface Water

Despite its desert location, Gilbert benefits from surface water sources that contribute to its water supply. The Salt River Project (SRP), a pivotal water management organization in Arizona, plays a crucial role in delivering surface water to the town. The Salt River and its tributaries serve as essential sources, providing water for irrigation, drinking, and recreational purposes. Services such as water leak detection are also taken seriously and provided by trusted professionals.

Moreover, Gilbert participates in water banking programs, allowing it to store excess surface water during wet periods for future use during drier spells. This proactive approach to water management, including water line repair projects, ensures resilience against fluctuations in precipitation and reinforces the town’s water security.

3. Reclaimed Water

Innovation meets sustainability through the utilization of reclaimed water. As a forward-thinking community, Gilbert embraces wastewater treatment technologies to recycle and repurpose water for non-potable applications. Reclaimed water, treated to stringent standards, is utilized for irrigation, landscaping, and industrial processes, reducing reliance on freshwater sources and minimizing environmental impact.

Through reclaimed water initiatives, Gilbert not only conserves precious freshwater but also mitigates pollution by diverting treated wastewater from natural waterways. This environmentally conscious approach exemplifies Gilbert’s commitment to sustainable water management and underscores its role as a steward of the local ecosystem.

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