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When a homeowner has a clogged sewer line, it can lead to tremendous problems. A clogged sewer line can easily lead to sewer water backing up into the home cause massive amounts of damage. When the wastewater gets into the home, the homeowner may have to replace the flooring, floor structures and pay to have the home remediated. This is why it is so important to ensure that plumbing systems are inspected routinely with a sewer line camera inspection. 

 A routine inspection can help to ensure that the plumbing line is clear from any blockages. If a blockage is found in the system, it can quickly be removed before the blockage worsens. Fortunately, with the invention of sewer line camera inspection, many of these wastewater backup issues can be alleviatedGoldstar Plumber Gilbert AZ offers sewer line camera inspection

What Happens During a Sewer Line Inspection? 

 The following procedure happens when a homeowner has sewer line inspection services. 

 • Visual inspection. When the plumbing company comes out, they will first look at the outside of our plumbing to see if they have any issues. If any are found, they will make a note of it before starting the camera inspection. 

 • Inspecting the sewer lines. The camera is lowered down into your sewer pipes by a trained plumbing professional. The camera is high resolution and will send a clear image of your pipes back to the plumber. The camera is extremely flexible, which will allow it to go through the various turns in your sewer line. It will be able to inspect the pipe and the pipe walls for any damage. 

 • Final process. Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will save a copy of the video for future use if necessary. They will then make a list of any repairs that need to be done to your pipe. 

 • Repairs. If any clogs or repairs are needed, the plumber will let you know and develop a plan of action to fix any issues. 

 Getting a plumbing inspection with a camera is the way to go. It can help see clogs and issues with the pipe before any backups occur. For example, if roots are pushing into the pipes, homeowners will not see this. The plumber might miss it if they did not have a camera. When a homeowner looks for sewer camera inspection services near me, they should consider calling Gold Star Plumbing. They will be able to come out to start the inspection process and do any repairs that are needed. 

 It is a good idea to have sewer camera inspection services at least once a year. This should be done more often if there are a lot of people in the home. Sewer line inspection should also be done any time a homeowner thinks there may be a clog forming. Signs of a clog include a gurgling sound and slow drains. A homeowner can ensure that they save a lot of money just by getting routine plumbing inspections. Having these inspections can help to avoid costly repairs and sewer water from backing up into the home. 

Sewer Camera Inspection Services

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Back in the day a blocked or broken sewer pipe usually meant someone would have to dig up the yard to find the break. Not with us! We utilize modern camera diagnostic equipment to pinpoint problems so we can repair them with speed and accuracy. We offer sewer line replacement and sewer line repair in Gilbert and throughout the Phoenix metro area. If you suspect broken sewer pipes or a blocked sewer due to grease buildup or foreign object restriction, call Gold Star Plumbing & Drain. We’re happy to provide 24/7 sewer repair.

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